Never Too Late

Never Too Late


Jiang Tian leaves her hometown to work as an interior designer in Beijing. Just when everything is moving in the desired direction, Jiang Tian offends her boss and is transferred back to her hometown branch. Unexpectedly, she becomes colleagues with the 60-year-old Wu Jingfang at her new workplace. Faced with an uncomfortable workplace environment and interrupted plans to return to Beijing due to a breakup with her boyfriend, unemployed and lovelorn Jiang Tian has no choice but to stay in her hometown. In her days of despair, Wu Jingfang accompanies Jiang Tian to gradually establish the confidence to stay in her hometown. Wu Jingfang also works hard to learn interior design from Jiang Tian in order to have the opportunity to gain a foothold in society, and accomplishes her wish of becoming Jiang Tian’s assistant.

Other Name: 我的助理不简单

Released: Oct. 14, 2023

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